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Rhythms Of Peace (CD)

Nawang Khechog

From Nawang Khechog, who has been called the "Jean-Pierre Rampal of the Tibetan flute," an otherworldly masterpiece
that uses soothing melodic textures and a mysterious sense of rhythm to explore the inner stillness that is the
essence of peace. An evocative meditation that suggests the vast spaces and sacred serenity of Khechog's
beloved Himalayas. With bamboo flute, didgeridoo, gongs, bells, and drums. "To produce original
music with such soothing and tranquilizing qualities is rare." - New York Times. Ten compositions.

Born in Tibet, Nawang Khechog spent his earliest years as the child of nomads. In his boyhood he first
learned to play the bamboo flute, an ancient instrument popular in rural villages throughout Tibet. After the
brutal subjugation of Tibet by Chinese Communists in 1949, Nawang and his family escaped to India.
There he studied meditation and Buddhist philosophy, a path he followed as a monk for eleven years -
four of them as a hermit. In 1986, he emigrated to Australia where he first performed, and his
recordings achieved bestseller status. Nawang is best known for his collaborations with Kitaro,
including a world tour and performances on Kitaro's Grammy-nominated Enchanted Evening
and Mandala albums. His live performances with Philip Glass, Paul Winter, Laurie Anderson,
Paul Simon, Natalie Merchant, and Baba Olatunji have received international acclaim.

58 minutes