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The Art of Sexual Magic

Margot Anand

When two humans come together as lovers, they mirror the divine union the most sacred act of creation and connect directly with the energy of all life. Thus, the energy of your sexuality is the source of the greatest "magic" of all the creation of life itself. On The Art of Sexual Magic, you will discover the sacred roots of sexuality, not only as an erotic art, but as a meditative tradition.

For many years, author Margot Anand has researched the teachings and advanced practices of sacred sexuality around the world. Her bestselling book The Art of Sexual Ecstasy has changed forever the love lives of thousands of couples through the art of tantra. Based on ancient Hindu-Buddhist scriptures, tantra literally means "weaving." As the threads of life cross one another, tantra teaches, they join in cosmic union. Within this absolute connection with the universe, your most profound yearnings can be fulfilled. Using erotic rituals and specific meditations, tantric lovers can alter their consciousness and channel the energy of orgasm for healing and ecstasy.

Margot combines three powerful elements on this complete course: processes for sexual healing; tantra for cosmic union and bliss; and mutual envisioning rituals for life change. Safely, creatively, you will learn to explore deeper dimensions of your sex life, and gain new ways to bridge sexual union with a greater source of wisdom and clarity. The Art of Sexual Magic offers a wealth of rituals and visualizations developed specifically for Western students.

Sex can be a magical experience, Anand teaches a blissful conjunction that opens you to insights beyond space and time. Join this trusted guide and pass through the gates of ordinary sexuality into the ecstatic realm of divine love with The Art of Sexual Magic.

  • Basic blocks to the libido
  • Common sexual fears and how to transcend them
  • How to tap your natural orgasmic energy centers
  • How to heal sexual wounds
  • Creating a sacred sexual space
  • Four-step healing practice for sexual abuse victims
  • The doorway to trusting your partner
  • Sexual magic's most potent secret
  • Three exercises to honor your sexual organs
  • Shame Buster meditation
  • Opening to your natural wildness
  • The full mind/body orgasm: where to begin
  • The truth about love and anger
  • Tantric secrets of relaxation and excitement
  • Using the breath to electrify your sexuality
  • Laughter, orgasm, and endorphins: the hidden connection
  • PLUS dozens of exercises for exploring your sexuality as a sacred experience.


    9.5 HOURS