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Why Wear Magnets?

Magnet therapy is still an empirical study but is a rapidly growing field.  Scientific research has shown that magnetic fields influence biological systems, attract and repel charged particles in the bloodstream increasing circulation, stimulate tissue regeneration, and reduce pain.  Magnets can be safe alternatives for: alleviating pain and stiffness related to sports activities like tennis or golf; promoting healing via the body's own internal mechanisms; increasing circulation; reducing inflammation; and for many specific ailments related to all systems of the body, even mental health.
Caution:  Do not use magnets if pregnant, or if you have a pacemaker or other electrical implant device.  Not recommended to be worn with a watch or near magnetic data storage.

How Magnet Therapy Works

 As acupuncture is considered to be an Empirical Science, relying on observation and experience, so is Magnet Therapy.  While numerous studies have resulted in astoundingly positive results for pain relief, none can yet explain how magnetic energy relieves pain.

The application of magnetic fields influences the bio-magnetic activity already occurring
at cell level in the human body.  It has been
proven, for instance, that magnetic fields
can increase circulation, increase the utilization of oxygen in our blood and enhance
tissue regeneration.

In 1954, Linus Pauling received a Nobel Prize for his discovery of the magnetic properties of hemoglobin in the blood.  he found that iron, in addition to its other functions, plays an important role in cell metabolism.  Iron, and many electrolytic salts in our blood circulates biomagnetically.  In light of these discoveries, it has been found that the remote effect of magnetic flux on the body involves the iron in the bloodstream and it's ability to be magnetized.  This magnetization results in an acceleration of circulation and the transfer
of negative (bio-north) energy to all areas of the body.